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Our Newest Album


The band's latest album "Passed Decade Passed" is available on iTunes and CD baby and many other online retailers. 11 tracks of the band's best songs to date. Recorded at Mike Yesconis' home studio, The Moonlight Forest Studio and some additional recording at Ben Longenecker's (who co-engineered some of the songs) house. Mixed by Yesconis and Longenecker and then Mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room in Chicago, IL.


The album takes us further into the heart of the band and finds it pretty dark and telling. Songs of self-destruction and self-realization. Songs of wistfulness and yearning to rock! Pretty dense compositions amid open and minimal forays... the songs make a dynamic hammer at times and slowly ebb and fade away at others. The high water mark for Overtoner. The higher mark for the music to make us take a deeper look into the chasm.


Please check out our 5 song EP (released in 2008) on iTunes and CD baby as well, and if you see us at one of our shows and buy the full album "Passed Decade Passed" for $10 you will get a EP free with it! Not too bad and you are supporting our efforts for future recording costs and albums in the future.